Amalgam Removal Protocol

Amalgam Removal Protocol

Holistic Dentistry involves taking all the health ramifications of dental treatment and restorative materials into account when determining the best dental care protocol for a given situation. We are metal-free and research all restorative materials to be sure that only the holistically ‘safest’ are used.

Clinical Protocol for safe Amalgam Removal at Dentistry on Merivale

The decision to consider having your amalgam fillings replaced with an alternative type of dental filling material is a personal one and should be based on your own research, health, medical history, and beliefs.  Once the decision is made, the following basic steps will give you an idea of how we will help you through the process.


Consultation and examination of your teeth to determine the best long-term restorative options for teeth currently filled with amalgam. This usually entails a full exam including digital x-rays, photographs, and other measures. There are several factors that must be taken into account as well as several different restorative materials which must be considered. Naturally, this will include an open discussion with Dr Walsh so there can be a shared understanding of your current situation, long-term goals, and how best to get there.

A consultation with our staff Medical Herbalist (Sandra Walsh of Heathcote Valley Herbal Medicine) can also be arranged. Sandra is an expert in heavy metal chelation and can organise a treatment plan along those lines if desired.  She can be contacted directly at if you have any questions.


Many of our clients choose to follow a nutrition/supplement protocol that supports the immune system as well as assists with the physiological removal of heavy metals that the body may be exposed to during the amalgam removal process. We offer basic advice along these lines.

Click here for our Amalgam Detoxification Protocol

If a more personalized program is desired we suggest that the client consults with their natural health practitioner or we can arrange a referral to one of the several local practitioners familiar with the amalgam removal process.

Amalgam removal

The amalgam removal process itself includes several protocols designed to protect our clients as much as possible from exposure to or ingestion of any of the old filling material or mercury vapour:

  • rubber dam tooth isolation during amalgam removal
  • sectional filling removal to minimize mercury vapour
  • high volume suction and copious water during amalgam removal
  • cleansing rinse prior to new restoration placement
  • sequenced tooth treatment to minimize overall duration of treatment
  • scavenger unit to remove mercury from waste-water
  • medical oxygen through a nasal cannula during the amalgam removal process

Restoration of the tooth

With an appropriate non-metallic material. This will generally be done with the rubber dam still in place or following a cleansing rinse. The rubber dam is them removed, the restorations thoroughly checked for occlusion (the ‘bite’), correct contours and contacts with adjacent teeth, ability to floss easily, high polish and, last but not least, appearance.


This is an important part of the process, and long-term comfort and health is the goal. After your amalgams have been replaced, we will arrange a complimentary follow-up appointment in 4-6 weeks. This is simply to ensure that there are no lingering concerns or difficulties with the new restorations. We also strongly encourage routine soft tissue maintenance with an oral hygienist as well as recall dental examination, at least yearly. On-going regular hygiene and dental care are paramount in maintaining a healthy mouth.