cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry, as the name implies, refers to restoring teeth so they look like…you guessed it…teeth!

White fillings, bonded ceramics, and other modern restoration techniques can now provide for restorations that are virtually undetectable in most teeth. From small fillings on front teeth to very heavily restored molars, there is no longer any need to have unsightly discoloured or black fillings. Properly planned and placed, these cosmetic restorations can be just as predictable over the long term as old style amalgam used to be, and can often offer a better prognosis as frequently less tooth structure must be removed to place a bonded filling than for a mercury amalgam. At our practice we never use amalgam, so virtually all the restorations we place are ‘cosmetic’…teeth should look like teeth, it’s that simple.

Cosmetic Dentistry is also a term used to refer to the dental ‘makeover’, or the restoration of anterior teeth for the purpose of improving their appearance whether or not decay is a factor.

Profound and very long-term changes to the appearance of teeth are possible with modern techniques. Composites, bonded ceramic veneers, and dental crowns, as well as orthodontic alignment, tooth whitening, and recontouring, are all modalities that can be employed to align, reshape and lighten teeth. Gaps can be closed, short teeth lengthened, rotated teeth straightened, stains and congenital discoloration can be minimised or removed just to name a few of things that can be accomplished with quality planning and treatment.

If you’d like to find out what can be done for you, contact us come in for a consult, and see if you can finally have the smile you’ve always wanted!